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Mrs. Griffith's Class
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Welcome to Our Class!

First Grade at Longfellow Elementary, home of the Longfellow Lions in Muncie, Indiana, is a fun place to be! We are already reading! Mrs. Griffith has been wondering if there were not some kind of mistake...surely these kids are supposed to be second-graders. The children have assured her, though, that they really are first graders. The teacher has decided that they're all just wearing their smarty-pants every day. And would you believe that no one has yet forgotten his thinking cap, listening ears, or smile? She is the luckiest teacher in the world!!!

Events and Announcements
Updated 10/3/02

The class has elected a member of the class for student council, along with two alternates.  This was a very important decision!  To help each of us decide on the best person to represent our class, each of those who had expressed interest in running for the office spoke to the class on why they should vote for him or her.  With a tough decision before them, the class elected Bekka as our Student Council Representative.  She will attend the monthly meetings after school.  Congratulations, Bekka!  We are sure she'll do a great job.  We also want to congratulate our two alternates, Vanisha and Scott.  Way to go!
We also want to congratulate our Student of the Month for September.  Now 5 of our class members were not in our room at that time, of course.  But Mrs. Griffith chose Bekka as the Student of the Month because she always does her best to be a good student and an all-around good person.  Also, Miss Riley, the art teacher, who teaches the whole entire school chose a member of our class for her student of the month!  Miss Riley chose Brittanie because she has always been so nice to her.  Way to go, girls!  They both enjoyed a McDonald's lunch in the teacher's lounge, along with all the other teachers' choices for Student of the Month, on October 3.
We have started a weekly spelling list!  Each child took home his first spelling list on September 30.  We first graders are growing up fast!  It is a very exciting time for us.

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In the News

We have just had the pleasure of welcoming five new students into our class!!!  The district has had many adjustments made lately, and Mrs. Fauquher's class was dissolved as a result.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to Derrick, Eirreo, Vanisha, Steven, and Donnell!  You fit like a glove here!
We are looking for parents and community members who are willing to share with us a great book.  It is kept as a surprise for the class, and we call this person the "Mystery Guest Reader."  We are hoping to have one Mystery Guest Reader each week.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy Mrs. Theresa Holland twice!  The class has loved both of Mrs. Holland's book choices!  Thank you so much, Mrs. Holland!  We've also enjoyed a story (AND a snack!!), compliments of Mrs. Stella Addington!  What a great idea!  This week's reader was Miss Marty, who works in our school's Creative Child Care.  She chose a wonderful book that made us exercise our brains.  We still need to schedule a reader for next week, so anyone interested in reading to the class then or in the future should call Mrs. Griffith.

Did You Know?


The first school was established by Egyptians in 3000 B.C.

Colonists in Massachusetts created public schools that were open to all children in 1647.

Currently, children in Japan average about 220 school days per year, while students in the United States average about 180 school days per year.

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