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Meet the Teacher
Mrs. Griffith's Class

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Hi, I'm Mrs. Griffith...

Mrs. Griffith

Work hours: 8:00 - 3:30
Room location: S-9
School Phone Number: (765) 747 - 5410
Favorite Color: Green

E-mail address:

I am enjoying my second year with Muncie Community Schools at Longfellow Elementary. I grew up in Bennington, Indiana, a tiny town with a population less than one hundred. I went to Switzerland County High School in the near-by town of Vevay (pronounced VEE vee). I attended Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, and graduated in 1999. My first year of teaching was at ABC Stewart Montessori School in Columbus, Indiana. The following summer I got married, and my new husband and I moved to Muncie some two months later for his job at WLBC 104.1 FM. I taught pre-kindergarten at Wee Wisdom Nursery School here in Muncie before I came here. I enjoy children's books, board games, and talking with friends. I live with my husband and our kitty-cat here in Muncie.

Parents are welcome to call the school to schedule a conference any time.

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